Real Estate Investments Around the World

Real estate is a legal term that refers to any property along with the land on which that property stands on.

The legality of the term real estate heavily relies upon the jurisdiction which it falls under. The most notable jurisdictions are; U.S.A, U.K, Canada and Australia.

Financial muscles must be stretched so that a corporation can invest in real estate since this investment has become such a major area of business.

Real estate has with time undergone a metamorphosis into distinct classifications that has had investors to call in specialists to facilitate deals on their behalf or valuate the investment.

Listed below is a breakdown of the distinct fields of real estate investments:

  • Appraisals – This is where professionals offer their specialty to valuate the investments.
  • Property Management – In this category the owner leaves their property for other specialists to manage it on their behalf and a certain commission is chargeable.
  • Brokerages – In this field a mediator will facilitate a deal between two parties and in return they charge a fee for the deal.
  • Real Estate Investing: This is where a person or company manages a real estate investment.
  • Real Estate Marketing -The sales side of the investment is managed by a professional in this field.
  • Development – This is improving the investment by either adding or replacing buildings on that land.
  • Corporate Real Estate – Here a real estate is managed not for income purposes but to support its core business.
  • Relocation Services – This is relocating people or business to other countries for expansion of the business.

Basically almost all construction business has a connection to real estate

In the recent past economists have seen that lack of real estate laws can in a greater perspective affect or hinder real estate investment in developing countries. In that light a country like India is currently in the process of establishing definitive legislation that will see the smooth functioning of real estate investment.

Real estate investment is finally a major case of capital budgeting this by using analysis that incorporates future streams of income that it will generate and the risks associated with it.

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Tampa Bay Real Estate: A Choice in Lifestyle

Whether you are looking to purchase a vacation home or a home that you can eventually retire to, Tampa Bay real estate is where you need to investigate. The fact is property values are increasing at a quick rate in Tampa Bay and if you are contemplating purchasing Tampa Bay real estate, the time could not be better for you to do so.

According to the National Association of Realtors, as of March of 2006, the median sales price for homes located in Tampa was $222,800. This was up by 3% from February and over $40,000 from last year, a 24% increase. While the sales dropped slightly, by approximately 26%, experts are not worried that the trend will continue. The fact is with the increasing prices, if anyone is thinking of purchasing Tampa Bay real estate, this is the time to do it.

The wide variety of Tampa Bay real estate that is available affords you the luxury of choosing the type of lifestyle you wish to have. If you prefer to purchase real estate in the South Tampa region, you’ll want to specifically make sure you take a look at David Island. Both residential and commercial real estate continues to thrive on these man-made islands in South Tampa. Whether you are looking for a luxurious condo or a three-bedroom single-family home with an in-ground pool, you’ll find it on Davis Island.

Another area of Tampa Bay real estate that you’ll want to consider is the Bayshore and Harbour Island region. This beautiful strip offers everything for the outdoor enthusiast and you’ll find many just enjoying the sunshine and the great views. On Bayshore Boulevard, you’ll find some of the most luxurious real estate in the Tampa Bay region. From a six-bedroom Mediterranean estate for just over 2.7 million or a more quaint ranch-style home for $475,000, the choices vary and the location is fabulous in this city that was nominated for the Best Place to Bike and the Best Place to Skate.

The fact is Tampa Bay real estate gives you many choices for the type of lifestyle you would like to enjoy. From the beach to restaurants of grandeur, the Tampa Bay region is the choice for many. When considering purchasing real estate in the Tampa Bay region, you’ll want to consider your options carefully. Almost anything you purchase in Tampa Bay real estate is bound to be a great investment, as well.

Russian Property Buyers Now Dominate The Market For Miami Luxury Real Estate Options

More wealthy Russian property buyers are seen within the South Florida region seeking out the best Miami luxury real estate options found within the first-class location. Now, Russians are considered to be the dominating force on today’s market for the most illustrious homes and condominiums within prime areas of the phenomenal region.

Over the last few months, Russian property buyers have been known to spend some hundreds of millions of dollars on the region’s fabulous selection of Miami luxury real estate options which include the most affluent waterfront properties within the United States today.

In fact, the most expensive purchase deal on a home property within the region was sold in the summer of 2012 to a wealthy Russian property buyer who has chosen to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, the property was a 30,000-square foot waterfront mansion located within the private island community of Indian Creek that was sold for a jaw-dropping $47 million.

Other notable purchases that had been made by Russians include a $25 million Star Island luxury home that was sold to Roustam Tariko and a $20 million deal for one entire floor at the ultra-fabulous St Regis Bal Harbour oceanfront condominium that can be found within the upscale town community of Bal Harbour.

Reports indicate that Russian property buyers had spent over $12 billion on overseas real estate in 2011 – $1 billion of which went into the United States. Although the exact figures for the South Florida region are unknown, the region managed to find itself as the leading region for foreign sales within the country with over 25 percent of all purchases being made by international property buyers.

Miami remains to be one of the most astounding locations around the world today. Its tropical climate conditions, natural brilliance, cultural diversity, exceptional nightlife, and its unique vibe are among the many reasons that it is among the top options for property buyers today. Given the fact that today’s grand selection of Miami luxury real estate options provide people with the opportunity to become fully immersed in the unparalleled opulence that the region is able to provide, it is really no surprise to see such a significant number of Russian property buyers actively searching for the finest homes and condominiums that money can buy today.

Three Reasons Foreign Property Buyers Have Been Eager About The Miami Real Estate Market

There has been an exceptional amount of activity on the Miami real estate market and a large percentage of the total has been coming in foreign property buyers who have been active in seeking out the most rewarding opportunities on today’s market.

While the Miami region and its outstanding qualities are considered to be enough for people to understand why foreign property buyers should be so eager about being able to make the most of these opportunities, others will find that there is more to recent activity than just the desire to own real estate within such a fabulous location along the Atlantic coast of South Florida that offers more than just sand, sea, and sun.

Today, we have put together a list of three significant reasons foreign property buyers are so eager about their opportunities within Miami. If you happen to be one of the many individuals who would like to engage in real estate, you might find yourself in the perfect position to consider these reasons as you assess how you can make the most rewarding purchases today.

Low Property Prices

Florida is definitely one of the prime regions that suffered gravely from the recession and the Miami real estate market really did showcase how intensely devastated it had become after thousands had lost their jobs and were forced to recover from the nation-wide economic fall. As a result, property prices have been forced down to record lows which are all in an attempt to enable the clearing out of the existing inventory supply for single-family homes and condominiums across the region.

According to real estate figures, sale prices for Miami real estate properties have now dropped by as much as 50.8 percent over the last five years.

Low Interest Rates

It has been known that the Federal Reserve has been making an effort to keep interest rates low in order to attract more foreign property buyers who wish to invest within a nation that is succeeding as far as its path to recovery is concerned. Now that property buyers are given lower interest rates, they are more likely to consider their real estate options within the region and that has definitely been an influencing factor in today’s growing number of purchases which are being made by foreign property buyers in the country, especially within tourist destinations within Miami such as South of Fifth, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach, and South Beach.

Of course, individuals from outside of the United States are always being encouraged to check with Miami real estate agents that are experience in foreign investment deals since there are several legal aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

Great Vacation Homes

Now, the reason that can never be forgotten simply because it has always been one of the main reasons why the Miami real estate market has been one of the country’s most rewarding markets is the fabulous selection of great vacation homes that are currently being offered within prime communities across the region.

If there is one place that a foreign individual can feel right at home in, that one place would definitely be within Miami since it is one of the most culturally diverse places within the United States today. With such outstanding options that are guaranteed to appeal to foreign property buyers from all over there world, it is clear to see why the amount of activity that is being seen has been growing over the last couple of months, especially since the newest options that can be found on the market continue to push the boundaries of luxury living within an authentic tropical paradise destination.

Whether today’s foreign property buyers are looking for penthouse properties within the city of Miami Beach, or if they are interested in finding the finest luxury homes that located within exclusive oceanfront communities such as Golden Beach, today’s Miami real estate market is sure to provide the highest degree of quality and value to people from all around the world.

If you would like to find out more information regarding the different options that are currently available to you on the Miami real estate market, you should get in touch with a professional agent for more details.

The Basics Of Real Estate Capital Valuations

The real estate market in New Zealand is constantly changing, with property values peaking and dipping with an almost seasonal frequency. To be able to maintain a sense of order, and determine rates, local councils have taken to issuing CVs across all properties within their region. When spoken of in real estate terms, a CV refers to a capital valuation. This figure acts as a barometer for shifts within the property market at large. Let’s take a look at some of the basics of CVs to help you gain an understanding of the part they play in real estate.

What is a Capital Valuation?

It represents the figure that would probably have been paid for your property if it had been sold at the date of the previous valuation. This is not the same as a market valuation and includes only the bare bones of a property, not taking into account any chattels or other additions recently affixed. For this reason, capital valuations have little bearing on actual real estate sales in New Zealand. Depending on the current real condition of a property it could sell for far more, or even far less, than a council certified CV.

The Difference Between Capital, Land and Improvement Value

Other important terms to understand are land and improvement value. While capital valuation refers to the selling price of the property at the time of the valuation, the land value is an assessment of the price of only the land at the time of valuation, disregarding any buildings on the property. The improvement value takes into account improvements such as driveways, paths and fencing, and is the difference between the capital value and the land value.

Why Do We Have Capital Valuations?

They are a requirement under New Zealand law, with councils having to provide a figure for local properties every three years. This information is publicly accessible online and gives a general overview of changes in the real estate market from area to area. The important thing to first understand about capital valuations is that they under no circumstances represent the market value of a property. Their function is more statistical in nature than as a tool for measuring the real worth of any one home.

Whilst the real estate market in New Zealand is usually fairly stable, and not influenced by international markets on a daily basis, the main city of Auckland, where one quarter of the country’s population live, does tend to show property trends before other regions, and usually the smaller the region the less volatile the market. In these regions such as Southland, West Coast and Northland, the prices that houses are sold for will be closer to the rated value than those in the main cities such as Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch which are far more susceptible to supply and demand requirements.

How is a Capital Valuation Calculated?

With regard to the actual process of assessing ones CV, council surveyors will visit approximately half of the properties within their region during each three year review period. First they will inspect the nature of the property and examine whether it holds the same classification as last time (i.e.: apartment block, house, townhouse, etc). Notes will also be made on land features, such as the quality of the view relative to surrounding abodes, and the general character and standard of the property as a whole. This process will take place every three years across New Zealand, until every piece of real estate is assigned a CV figure.

What Purpose Does It Serve?

Aside from being required under the law, capital valuations provide a stable base from which the regional (such as Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury) and district (such as New Plymouth, Napier, Kaikoura) council rates can be calculated. One method of calculating annual rates is to charge five percent of a property’s CV. There are other methods also used to determine rates, but capital valuations help regulate this process. Whatever the case, they are a core element of the real estate landscape of New Zealand.

The Beauty of Investing in Asia’s Real Estate

Wise investors always have a set of precious real estate in their assets account. Investing in real estate alone is already considered a wise business strategy, but investing in Asia’s real estate is an even more lucrative stable business strategy that not only guarantees long term financial security but also brings high positive income.

In recent years, Asia’s property market has become more and more transparent to the foreign investors. This concept of opening up to the global market has certainly renewed interest to foreign investors. As a result there was a real boom in the property market in 2007. Although every Asian country has different market trends characteristics, but each and every Asian country holds irresistible promise to every investors and that is steady economic growth, vast amount of land, and of course a myriad of resources and opportunities waiting to be grabbed. Those smart enough to grab these opportunities have long before benefited from these lands. Since 1960 Asia, the largest and most populous of the continents has become richer faster than any other region of the world.

Sustained and rapid economic growth makes Asia probably the most exciting region for buying property. Over the past three decades remarkable economic growth has occurred in East Asia. According to Harvard report, Asia’s share in world GDP could well grow to more than half of the world economy from its current 35% during the next three years.

In Asia, buying a vast amount of land is not as expansive as other regions especially in countries such as Indonesia or Vietnam. So, you do not have to a multimillionaire investor to be able to acquire a piece of Asia. In Indonesia you can owe a piece of reasonably large amount of land for as low as US $60,000. It is quite a bargain compared to other countries who exhibit mind whooping property prices.

Asia is the most densely populated regions of the world. Using on 30% of Earth’s surface area, Asia housed over 3.879 billion people and that is over 60% of the world’s current human population. Increase population equals to increase in housing, increase in commercial & retail infrastructure, increase in public amenities. All this equals to high demand in the property sector.

Asia’s real estate is not shaken by the current America’s financial crisis or European debt crisis. Why? Because 90% of the Asian property is funded by regional investors and that is why the flow of capital has been steadily increasing from time to time.

Do not procrastinate anymore; invest in Asia’s real estate for the long-term. See how the region grows from a fishing market to a multimillion dollar industry for the past decades. Asia is still developing but at such high speed that it shocks economist from all over the world. So jump in and join the Asia’s club!

In a Nutshell: Why buy Asia?

1. Asia is starting to open its doors to foreign-investors. Improved transparency.

2. Asia’s dense population = increase in homes, hotels, malls, and others = increase demand in property.

3. Asia is not entirely affected by the current America’s financial crisis.

4. Asia’s consistent economic growth support healthy real estate market

5. Land in Asia is relatively cheaper than other regions.

Emilia Oei is a blogger, a designer, an overall thinker, and the self-founder of She believe that real estate in Asia will bring substantial financial freedom to anyone who dares to dive right in. AsianSkylines is an exclusive blog on Asia’s real estate matters, regional development updates and everything else in between.

Cancun Mexico Real Estate Well Priced

Cancun Mexico real estate is some of the most well priced luxury real estate in the area. This tropical hot spot attracts visitors from around the world.

Entering the Cancun property market allows individuals to take part in one of the most prominent of the country’s property markets. Cancun is a popular tourism destination for people around the world, especially for Americans and Europeans. However, the real estate in Cancun does range from high end to moderate and even low priced properties, depending mostly on the location in which you buy. The areas nearest to the coast and resort area are the highest prices properties in the region. However, numerous smaller towns nearby provide an ideal scenario when it comes to affordable, Mexican living.

Cancun property for sale is often prominent in this coastal city. The city is the easternmost in the state of Quintana Room, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. The city is growing rapidly and in 2010 had a population of 705,000 people, which is a 20 percent increase from the 2005 information available. The downtown part of the city is residential and is often called El Centro. This region is bicycle friendly in that there are strong neighborhoods with shops and markets within the region. There is undeveloped beachfront property here, as well as some Cancun property listings available for newer properties right on the water.

As far as the Cancun real estate market, exciting options are available, but pricing is increasing. Due to the growth of the population, the region has seen increases in property values significantly, with properties nearest the beach and resort areas having the highest values. Purchasing condos, townhomes and single family homes in this region is possible. There are also options for affordable Cancun rentals some even offering an oceanfront view.

When one is selecting property in Cancun, location is everything. Right outside the city limits are more rural areas with a less prominent housing market. In many areas, this area offers very low to moderate pricing, though it can be several miles to the beach.

Property in Cancun offers an outstanding opportunity for individuals who are looking for luxury living. Many of the coastal communities offer the most modern, upscale buildings and homes available, often with traditional decor and style. Many who move to this region do so as foreigners looking for a second home or a tropical paradise to call their own. It is definitely possible to find just that in the Cancun, Mexico property for sale currently.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines Real Estate Sector Developing Fast

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines real estate has become very popular among international investors over the last few years. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is located in the Lesser Antilles chain of islands in the south of the Caribbean Sea. The main island is that of Saint Vincent. Its capital city and main port is Kingstown. The islands have a French and British colonial history but are now included in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Also known around the world as ‘Spice Islands’, and the Grenadines are liked for their lush rainforests and waterfalls. Despite recent development the natural beauty of the region has not been tampered with. This has become a selling point for the in and Grenadines.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines listings are dominated by villas and resorts. But you can also find other kinds of other properties in the region. This is because the services sector in the region is based on the tourism industry that is growing rapidly. The government is taking keen interest in promoting tourism. The country has opened its doors to Caribbean investors from across the world. Since 1996, special effort has been made to develop ports and offer cruise tours.

Builders, helped by the local government, are taking up projects to build high-class apartments and resorts in the region to cater to the increasing demand. Since property development has just begun in the region, it happens to be a good opportunity for the new investor.

Mortgages are easily available for and Grenadines real estate for sale. This is because the country has fast improved the value of the its currency – the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Saint Vincent and Grenadines are also listed as beneficiaries of the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative. Its offshore banking sector has helped bring in more investors particularly in the sector. Apart from a good popularity among international real estate investors, and Grenadines rentals are also very popular.

Saint Vincent offers some of the most affordable and biggest villas, and condos in international listings. International real estate for sale in Saint Vincent also includes apartments of international standards.

International rentals and international exchange has become most popular in the region because most tourists find the climate and natural beauty of the region very attractive. There are several opportunities for water sports which is another added attraction.

If you are considering buying property or looking up rentals in and Grenadines it is best that you go through a proper dealer or a verified website. That ways you can save yourself all the trouble to do with paperwork and understand the laws involved in renting or buying property in the region. The local people are extremely friendly and cultural problems are unlikely to occur for foreigners.

Know More About the Commercial Real Estate Market

Prescott, Arizona has credit to be the foremost capital of Arizona. It was previously known as the Arizona territory and was formed in the year 1863. Phoenix may be the present capital and greatest city of Arizona. Nevertheless, the real estate market of Prescott is undoubtedly an ideal place for investments, since people all over the world come here for reaping monetary profits.

This region also has tremendous historic value. It attracts worldwide tourists since the region is famous for ancient monuments and has featured in the prestigious National Register of Historic places. The province itself comprises of five hundred and twenty five constructions mentioned in this register. Although multiple instances of Victorian architecture are still present in this region, it is not the only reason why this region is so popular. The actual reason of its popularity is its ultra Mid-western appearance, even though it is located in the Southwest region.

The regions in and around Prescott are called the “Quad Cities”. It comprises of Chino Valley, Dewey, AZ, Prescott Valley and Prescott. This province falls easily amongst the most rapidly developing sectors in the entire state. The primary reason can be attributed to the suitable climatic conditions of the region. In Phoenix, it is comparatively cooler than other regions of the state. This region does not have extremely cold winter, as in Williams and Flagstaff that are located in northward. Thus this region is very comfortable and suitable for living.

Another rapidly evolving region of Arizona is Yavapai County. Prescott City is undisputedly the greatest urban sector of this county. Its development has been recorded as very stable, at around four per cent annually in the last ten years. This development is predicted to carry on in this manner for the coming years. The residing population of this Quad-City region exceeds 100,000. The figure is expected to increase in the near future.

This sector has managed to set up a solid industry foundation. This is primarily due to the presence of local principal employers such as ACE Distribution, Wal-Mart, Prescott Unified School District, Yavapai County, Yavapai Regional Medical Center and Lockheed Martin. The weather conditions are very mild and favorable in this region. There are very few instances of natural calamities. These factors make it an ideal location for setting up an IT hub. This in turn attracts many businesspersons and entrepreneurs to set up their industries and factories here.

There are many people who want to relocate to a region of the real estate market of the Prescott, Arizona. They can avail many facilities found in this region for their family. For instance, children have many options to receive high quality education. There are many reputed and acclaimed educational institutions here also. These include Prescott High School, Abia Judd Elementary, Tri-City Prep High School, Taylor Hicks Elementary, Granite Mountain Middle School and Washington Traditional School. Most of these schools have gained place in the “Excelling” group that is decided by the Department of Education. With respect to colleges the Yavapai College is in greatest demand. It has many campuses located within this belt. Around nine thousand candidates take admission here every semester annually. This reflects the popularity and high reputation of the colleges.

Prescott has received tremendous national recognitions. These may be enlisted as the following, in descending order of date –

o Augt’06- Money magazine recognizes Prescott as amongst the five leading towns in an article having the title, “Best Places to Retire”.

o June’06- MSN Real Estate mentions this belt amongst one of eight locations that US citizens want to reside at, due to its comparatively lower incidences of crime and deviant behavior, good educational facilities and booming economy. Citizens outside US also seek to relocate and get settled in this place.

o May’06- According to the INC Magazine, the region has featured in the category of twenty five small cities that are hot property and in great demand possessing employment strength of hardly 150,000. This is quite a rarity.

o April’06- The National Trust meant for Historic Preservation selects the region amongst the Dozen Distinctive Destinations in the United States. It was also short listed amongst ninety-three locations from thirty-nine states that received a nomination for this category of award.

o March’06- Bottom Line enlists this belt amongst the seven Best Locations to Reside. This encouraged citizens from far and wide to relocate here.

o Feb ”06- Milten Institute accredits this region with an all-round ranking of the third spot in terms of 2005’s finest performing Cities.

o January ’06- True West magazine recognizes the province amongst the leading ten towns of the Western region.

o Jan ’06-The Business Journal remarks that although Prescott is more famous for its agriculture and historic value, it has ranked as fifth in terms of the survey that the American City Business Journals has carried out. Comprising a population of 100,000-500,000, the province had surpassed Phoenix by a considerable margin. This is a great achievement.

o July ’04-An issue of the Business Week highlights this province amongst the best five ‘Recreation Havens’ of the United States. It reflects its rapid pace of development.

o ’04 Boom Town USA- The 7 ½ Keys to Big Success in Small Towns” recognizes Prescott amongst the best small cities of the nation. It also featured in ‘The Golden Eagles, group of tiny towns of US.

o ’04- Many shows of various Cities ranked and rated, and even showcased this province as number six in terms of evolving and rapidly developing cities.

Thus, with its high standard of living combined with a favorable climate and small-town environment, this belt is undoubtedly the most ideal location to reside with one’s family. The citizens of this region avail multiple facilities that are available here and are similar to bigger and more developed cities. This allows the region to maintain economic stability even during times of the nation’s crises. One can thus say that Arizona Commercial Real Estate, situated in Prescott, AZ, has a carved a niche in the market of Quad-City.

Real Estate Marketing – Implementing a Successful Website

There’s far more to creating a successful Real Estate website than just providing a portal for property listings. So before even implementing such a website, check some of these often overlooked factors.


CMS stands for Content Management System. These systems draw content from a database into standard page designs, and allow for simple and quick updating of websites through a simple Web Interface. This eliminates re-designing web pages and re-ordering the web site every time new information has to be uploaded. If a new look is required at some point, a new style sheet is simply uploaded to the site, and everything is changed automatically.

For most Real Estate websites, there are basically two primary requirements. The first is to have a CMS system that allows content to be updated on a frequent basis (the Web Shell). Secondly, there needs to be one or more separate modules that manipulates a separate database of properties (the Application). Such modules allow the searching of the database, the display of property particulars pages, and other related, property-specific functions.

For most site owners, there is no need to utilise custom written CMS. Firstly, it can be very expensive, and secondly, if you terminate your contract with your chosen web site developer, you will not be able to hand-over the site to a new developer. By using industry-standard CMS and modules, your website development can be easily transferred to another developer who is familiar with the underlying CMS. This helps protect your investment in the future. Industry Standard CMS is usually issued under a GNU General Public licence which basically means it’s free to use as long as copyright notices embedded in the underlying system are not changed or removed.

Utilising Industry Standard CMS does NOT give you a finished website – it simply gives you the framework in which your site can be developed. Application Modules, however, are not free to use. These are licensed applications that are designed to work within the CMS framework. Although these modules are designed to perform specific functions (such as Real Estate Listings), they do not work Out of the Box; they will require integration into your website design and will often require adaptation for specific uses.


There is often much confusion about multi-lingual websites. The most successful sites are not actually multilingual at all – they are a series of separate sites which are individually maintained by the national divisions of international domain owners. E-bay is a prime example; The US site is a .com domain, whilst the Spanish site is an .es domain. Each site can be accessed by choosing a language option from ANY of the national sites. What happens is that the site visitor gets transferred to the national site of the chosen language option.

Clearly, most multi-lingual operations require a separate team of webmasters to administer each language version site. Also, the content is usually regionalized to suit the regional locale. This is why you will often see different products for sale or different content in different regional sites.

The reason this route has been adopted by most major web site owners is for pure practicality. For example, it IS possible to have a multilingual site within a single domain, but the work involved in maintaining the site is a major problem. Firstly, content would have to be created and uploaded in EVERY language supported by the site. Secondly, computer dependent regionalization, such as currencies and dates, could not be used. A typical example of this would be a property being advertised for sale in say Thailand. Such a property would normally be offered in Thai Baht, for which there is an international currency format. If a websites’s Price Field was set up to reflect this format, ALL prices for properties situated in ALL countries would also be formatted the same way. This is clearly not a desirable option.

Another option often touted by website developers is the website translation option. This works by selecting a language on the web page. The whole page is then literally translated by a web-based translation service. The downside here is that it doesn’t overcome the regionalization problem, and the pages often get translated into something that doesn’t make any sense to those who understand the language. This looks very amateurish, and is never used by international domain owners.

In summary, if a multi lingual website is required, it will need separate domains and content if it is to look professional. A master Front Page is then used on the .com domain from where visitors can change to a front page of a language specific domain.

In a Real Estate website, this regionalization can be effectively used to create regional franchises that regional business people buy under licence from the main domain owner. Each franchisee would then be responsible for maintaining their regional domain in their native language.


In a listing services website, the domain owner is usually looking for a convenient method by which FSBO or agencies can upload their property details through a web interface. In creating a listing, the domain owner must have a method of getting paid before the listing is displayed on the site. Therefore, it is essential to have a payment system integrated into the site. Of course, for those who simply want a site for listing their own agency properties, this is not such an important requirement.

The next consideration must be the amount of information that should be allowed. In most countries a listing should comprise of a tick-box summary of base features such as heating, air Conditioning, parking spaces etc. This should be complimented with summary details of the accommodation. Is it leasehold or freehold, How many bedrooms/bathrooms etc. There should also be free-text descriptions. These should allow for a short description AND a long description. There should also be locality information such as nearest school/university, nearest shopping, public transport and the name of the local authority. For user convenience, all property information should be displayed as tabbed sections so that users do not have to scroll through pages of information.

Next to the information tabs there should be a photo gallery that displays one main picture of the property, plus a number of thumbnails. Clicking on thumbnails should ideally display the image in a SlimBox. This is essentially a picture that zooms up in the centre of the web page, and then dims the page background. Navigation within the SlimBox will allow users to scroll back and forth between the images.

Under the main property information area, there should be a location map which is automatically created from the property address. There are a number of mapping services covering the world that allows this facility to be incorporated easily into the website.

The ideal scenario is to create a compact property listing page that requires very little page scrolling, yet provides all the information in an attractive layout.


From any property particulars page, the user should have the ability to print the full property particulars to a preformatted page, save the property to a lightbox for later reference, or to send the property particulars to a user supplied email address. They should also have the ability to contact the vendor or listing agent directly.

The overall property listing application should provide for customized particulars for different property types, i.e. land sales, business sales, property rentals etc.


Users should have the ability to undertake a Quick Search from the front page of the site, or a more detailed search from a search form. The site should also offer Premium Listings which are listings summarized on the front page of the website. There should also be a most recently added section that lists the last 5 or 10 last added properties, as well as the most popular properties viewed.


A Mortgage calculator as well as a How much can I borrow calculator should be available on all pages. This will help visitors decide if they can afford to buy a particular property while they are viewing the details on screen.


The site should incorporate a Requirements section that can alert the domain owner to specific enquiries from people who did not find a property that matched their requirements on the site. Additionally, where a paid listing service is to be offered, the system should have the capability of sending automated emails to all clients who’s listing period is about to expire. The email should give clients the option of renewing their listing for a further period. If listings are not renewed within a certain time frame, the system should automatically remove expired listings from the database.


Any web application, such as real estate listings, are essentially bolt-on applications to an existing web shell. The web shell is the real key to search engine optimization, and contrary to popular belief, there is no other way to optimize a web site other than providing relevant content.

Content is the only way a web-crawler (such as those used by major search engines) can gather metadata and keywords that enable your site to be catalogued. Basically, the more relevant content you have in your site, the better the cataloguing becomes. CMS sites have one great advantage over traditional HTML sites, and that is that they are composed almost entirely of simple text files. They may display on a website in many artistic and creative ways, but to a search engine, they just see text files which they can handle easily and efficiently.

So, the first consideration in designing a real estate web site is to decide what content could be relevant to your potential target audience. If the intention is to deal with international properties, then clearly site visitors will want to know a whole lot more than just the price of a few available properties. They will want to know about education, shopping, restaurants, getting to and from the destination, where to eat and where to play. All this information can be key to persuading a potential buyer to purchase a property in a particular location.

Lifestyle has become a key concept in property selling. It is often said that people don’t buy properties – they buy Lifestyle. Therefore, a good lifestyle section covering each locality covered by your site can result in many more site visitors than just those who have already decided to go property hunting. Your website’s knowledge can often be a decisive factor in converting people from just learning about their options, to active buyers. If they are confident in the information provided by your website, they will be more inclined to contact you for information regarding actual properties for sale.


This is another feature that should be heavily incorporated into an international website. Almost every locality has a resident population of celebrities. Such people should also be featured on your website. It’s usually possible to obtain syndication articles and photographs from local magazines, and have these featured in the relevant location sections of the website. This lets visitors know that there are celebrities that have purchased properties in these locations, which somehow makes people more confident in making the investment decision. Likewise, a few famous faces dotted around a website can also give confidence to those who may want to list on your site.


Corporate image, even for a small agency operation, is vitally important. People who are viewing your site from a distance don’t know how large or small your organizations is – they only have a perception based on the look and feel of your website. If your website looks like a Mom & Pop business, that’s how it will be perceived. However, if it looks like a major corporation, the perception will be far different. People will automatically trust the information on your site, and treat it with higher importance. They will also be happier about sending you money for a paid listing!

No matter what your brand name, colour scheme or logo design, you must ensure that it’s exportable. It must be a brand that can transcend physical and cultural borders without causing offence to anyone. Even if your business is currently regionalized, you should still try an adopt a global brand and apply it to every aspect of the business. This will give you the flexibility to grow without incurring extra investment in image assets as your web presence grows.

Get the design, layout and content correct for your web shell, and your application will get carried along with it. The application, no matter how good it is, will not, in itself, ensure high traffic to your website. You should view your web shell as the store, and your application as the check-out where the money gets made. Get this formula right, and everything falls into place.

Charlotte North Carolina Real Estate

Charlotte is one of the quainter lands within North Carolina. This region was established 250 years ago by Scottish and Irish immigrants and is a conjunction of two different cultures. This region has two popular lakes, Norman and Wylie. The property around these lakes is considered to be valuable in Charlotte.

The entire town of Charlotte is divided into nine zones – uptown, northeast, east, old south, new south, southwest, northwest, Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. These divisions are based on the properties located in these regions. The lakes Norman and Wylie have some very expensive properties on their banks, having average values of $369,000 and $315,000 respectively. The region of old south in Charlotte still has old style Victorian bungalows and is a competitor to ‘the most expensive real estate in Charlotte. It also has properties averaging about $326,000. The northeast region of Charlotte is the least desirable property, mainly owing to a mixture of old world charm and a business center side by side. As it is easily accessible to highways 1-77 and 1-85, this region is bustling with traffic y. Properties in northeast Charlotte can be obtained at as low as $155,000; almost half the value of lake property.

Charlotte has a large number of exclusive buyer agents. These agents do not get their commissions from sellers, but from the buyers. Therefore, they are interested in securing as low a price for the buyer as possible. Most exclusive buyer agents within North Carolina are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.